• Ultra High Capacity
• Rechargeable

8 Slot Rapid Charger

• Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance
• Allow batteries to be left on the charger for extended periods of time without incurring heat damage.

Handfree Acoustic Tube (Value)

• Provided excellent audio quality
• Earphone fitting securely and giving comfort for prolonged use

Incar Charger

• This excellent in-car charger provides the flexibility to charge most two -way radios from your cigarette lighter socket giving you that extra flexibility when away from mains power for longer periods of time.

PTT (Push To Talk)

• The microphone may be secured to the users lapel or shoulder.
• Comfortable holding.
• With a stainless clip on the back.
• Solid, Strong,and durable cable.

Handfree Acoustic Tube (Basic)

• High quality acoustic tube convey voice make you have better sense of hearing and comfortable wearing.
• Choosing suitable silicon eartip, offer us sound which is not interference around enviroment.

Single Charger

• Intelligent Lithium Charger
• The rapid-rate charger adopts the minimum current, voltage detection and the maximum charger time detection to control charging for fully charging the battery with good conditions.

Double Muff Headset

• For extremely loud and noisy environments with adjustable boom microphone.

Handfree Acoustic Tube (Premium)

• Double-line PTT is adopted marvelous design, big PTT button on the front, easy to push.
• High quality acoustic tube convey voice make you have better sense of hearing, and comfortable wearing.

8 Slot Rapid Charger

• Rapid-rate, 6-unit charging system.
• Batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when needed.

Single Muff Headset

• Covers right ear to seal out ambient noise.

Throat Control Kits

• With a convenient finger PTT.
• Attaches against user's throat, picking up audio directly from vocal vibrations which blocks background noise perfectly.

Handfree Premium

• Nylon Fabric Wrapped Earbuds
• Low noise, clear tone quality and high fidelity.
• Convenient and durable to use.
• Professional and pleasing.
• Comfortable to wear.

Belt Clip

• Sturdy & Durable
• Provide a secure clip for the radio.

USB Programming Cable

• Two way radio programming cable
• High quality diameter 4.0mm, PU cable

Handfree Basic

• Nylon Fabric Wrapped Earbuds
• Has a remote microphone with PTT, you can clip anywhere.


• Channel & Volume

Normal Handfree

• Earbud with Foam Cover, discreet ear bud that fits directly into the ear and provided excellent audio quality.
• An over-ear earphone, fitting securely giving comfort for prolonged use.

Leather Case

• PU leather material • Metal hook • Adjustable strap


• The whip antenna is flexible with one-piece finish.
• Steel core
• Spiral Wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics.

Front Housing

• Weatherproof And Robust Housing