“With DPROTECH Rental Service, your event co-ordination becomes simpler ”

Walkie Talkies Rental

We have hundreds of professional-quality, full-powered 16 channel walkie-talkie radios available for rent. Together with a wide range of earpiece/microphones and speaker-mic available for these radios, as well as leather cases with neck-straps for easy carrying. We also have compact 8-slot charger units available, so that the Customers can easily re-charge their rented walkies.

With DPROTECH Rental Service, your event co-ordination becomes simpler because:

. We will provide all the handsets that you need.

• Users can be all over Malaysia (Where MOTOPRO1 & UNIPRO has Coverage)

• Unlimited groups call

• Unlimited 1-to-1 calls

• Privacy and Clarity


DPROTECH has been the preferred supplier of Walkie Talkie Rental Service for all type of event co-ordination in Malaysia.

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Walkie Talkies Servicing & Repair

Are you facing intermittent reception with your walkie talkies, unable to communicate between two walkie talkie handsets or you cannot hear any transmissions, perhaps it’s time for us to have a look at your walkie talkies.

Why our walkie talkie program so popular?

• Flat rate pricing

• We’ll send you a Free Loaner Walkie Talkie if you need one while yours is being repaired.

• Term & Condition apply 

•Free Return Shipping from our Walkie Talkie facility

• Quick return No Need to wait for an estimate

• You Know the total cost of the repair right now, not after you receive the repaired Walkie Talkie back

Doing business with us is simple. Just send in your Walkie Talkie and we will repair it.

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